Democratic Candidate NC IN
Pollster Zogby Zogby
Date 5/2-3 5/2-3
Hillary Clinton 39% 41%
Barack Obama 48% 43%
Other(vol.) 13% 16%
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Zogby has the race pegged just as they had it yesterday and similar to how they had it two days ago (all but the margin with which Obama would win NC).

According to the Democratic North Carolina poll by Zogby Poll:

Obama leads by 16 points among voters age 35-54, the largest age grouping in the survey. The candidates are tied among those aged 55 to 69, another large grouping.

Clinton leads in the more rural western area of North Carolina, and in the east. Obama holds a 60% to 31% lead among voters in the so-called research triangle including Raleigh-Durham.

Clinton leads among whites, 56% to 33%, while Obama leads among African Americans, 78% to 6%. African American voters in North Carolina comprise about one-third of the electorate.

Among men, Obama retained a slim 47% to 42% lead over Clinton, and he continues to lead among women as well – winning 48% support to Clinton’s 37% backing, largely on the strength of support for Obama among African American women.

According to the Democratic Indiana poll by Zogby Poll:

Clinton holds a sizable edge among Catholics and a small advantage among Protestant voters. She also leads among older voters, while Obama leads among all Democratic primary voters under age 55. In a key age demographic – those voters age 35 to 54 – Obama enjoys a 10-point lead. This was a group that went for Clinton in the recent Pennsylvania primary, after leaning toward Obama in the week before the election.

Clinton leads by 11 points among white voters in Indiana, which make up about 83% of the electorate. Obama leads by an enormous 10-to-1 ratio among African American voters in Indiana. He also continues to lead in northern Indiana, a large section of which is influenced by his hometown Chicago media market, and in Indianapolis. In the southern half of the state, which features a population much like that of Ohio next door, Clinton continues to enjoy a double-digit lead. Obama is holding on to a nine point lead among Indiana men, while closing the gap to five points behind Clinton among women.