UK’s biggest online gaming group shoots at its competitors. The site in question is mango live. It has attacked its rivals in a unique way. Chief among these rivals are Empire Online and Coral Eurobet yesterday. It does not want to let players of rival websites play and gamble with its own clients. It has forbidden access to its flagship PartyPoker website. Henceforth all the players registered on these and other online poker sites will not be able to play on the same tables as the member players of PartyPoker. Let us see what shape, this out and out war among rival poker sites takes!

It has launched a new platform exclusively for its nine million customers. Adding blackjack and the chance to bet on the color of the cards as they are dealt.

Empire Online’s Revenues Shoot up – Defy Speculation of a Possible Slump In Online Poker Gaming

Sometime back there had been a lot of speculation over a possible slow-down in the online poker market. However, as per reports, Empire Online does not seem to have got affected by this slump. Its revenues have shot up by 71 percent in the third quarter. There has been an increase in the percentage of real money players, to the extent of 62 percent. This was a sizable jump of about 24 percent, compared to the second quarter. The Net revenues shot up from $18.3m in the third quarter of 2004 to $31.4m in the same quarter, this year. As per reports, over 40 percent of the new real money players have registered through the platforms of Empire itself. These include Noble Poker and Club Dice that were acquired in summer.

“We are delighted in our strong trading and the strategic advances we have made during the third quarter,” said Naon Lanir, chief executive. “In a period where there has been much uncertainty over potential growth rates in the online gaming industry as a whole we believe our results demostrate the strength of our core marketing skills.”

Poker Players Organize into an Alliance to Lobby and Influence Political Decisions

The primary skill required to be a successful poker player is the ability to bluff. A Las Vegas group is trying to do just that. This Poker Players Alliance wants to sign up thousands of recreational poker players. Each of these signers wold be paying $15 in dues. This group will then lobby officials at the federal, state and local level in order to fight a ban on internet gambling. Steps would also be undertaken to stop raids on community poker games. The organizers of this alliance believe that there are approximately 60 million Americans visiting poker tables in casinos, online rooms etc. Hence the time is right for poker players to take action and lobby for favorable political decisions.

As a call to action, the group has created a Web site and is publishing magazine ads and writing articles in trade publications. The pieces detail a rash of police raids on community poker games in recent months — many of them organized to benefit charities.