From Online Casino Malaysia tournaments to cash games and different versions of poker, this game of strategy for some or chance for others, poker attracts the attention of curious people across Europe. However, poker is a game that has been played for decades in the United States and England.

The dynamism of gambling operators and new legislation have enabled these companies to develop new markets, France is not spared and represents an important market, equal to that of Germany. The French like to play and create new sensations, some even stand out in the highest hierarchy of professional players. Webmasters are also embarking on this new eldorado, we can notice a guide like online5poker which has been able to place itself in strong positions in Google France.

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Because learning poker in itself is not very complicated, launches its poker guide to not only learn to play poker but above all the techniques to learn how to win money at poker and not everything lose in the beginning. Keywords: learn to play poker, learn poker, make money in poker, poker guide, Poker created a poker guide with all the basics to get started in poker.

Find thanks to this guide, all the rules of Poker Texas Hold’em No Limits. This variant of poker is today the undisputed and indisputable star of world poker, in particular because the raises without limits are the most poignant on a television set.

You can also find the rules of Omaha Pot Limit as well as the rules of Omaha Hi/Low. These two games are part of the Hold’em family, i.e. poker played with community cards, which players must use to make the best possible combination. On the other hand, instead of being dealt 2 cards as in Hold’em, each player is dealt 4 cards before the flop. The rest of the hand proceeds normally with a flop, a turn and a river.

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From October 20 to 26, the World Poker Tour “Festa al lago” took place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It was Tommy Vedes who won the Main Event final by winning in front of 275 participants, including Phil Laak (recent winner of the World Open V), Jonathan Little aka “FieryJustice”, and David Rheem alias “Chino”.

WPT world poker tour festa al lago2 Tommy Vedes wins the WPT Festa Al Lago

This championship event had we remember seeing the victory of the French Bertrand Gorspellier known as “ElkY” who left with 1.4 million dollars but above all the title allowed him to achieve the double EPT and WPT. This year we will remember the WPT of apart from the incredible novelty of allowing players to enter