It has been clear for a while now that the white vote in some of the past primaries have been going to Hillary Clinton at about 60% to 40% — raising fears about the electability of Obama in the general election. So today, John Edwards comes out of his shell and endorses Obama in a move that is meant to shore up the base and unify the party. To improve Obama’s chances with the working class white vote, Edwards will be touted as a nice VP choice for Obama. With Edwards’ declaration, more superdelegates will be likely to move in the same direction and will bring Obama to the magic number in a very short amount of time… keep in mind that Edwards has 19 pledged delegates of his own!

By the way, as an aside, it was inevitable that Edwards would endorse Obama. First, he had been critical of the Clinton status quo while running his own campaign. Second, for him to support Clinton after all that is being drummed up about race/ethnicity right now … he’d be risking himself being called a racist for not backing Obama.

Democratic Candidate Puerto Rico
Date 3/31-4/5
Hillary Clinton 50%
Barack Obama 37%
Other(vol.) 13%
Puerto Rico Polls

There is some confusion abound as to whether or not Puerto Rico’s primary is a winner-take-all race or not. USNews had a report saying that it was … and with their 63 delegates at stake, likely winner Hillary Clinton would get a major boost from that… but that would only make up one-third of her deficit. Other sources say that past elections were winner-takes-all only because the primaries were over by the time Puerto Rico voted.

There was a poll taken in early April that we are finally posting today that shows Clinton has a 50% to 37% lead in the state. The article was written in Spanish and had been removed by the newspaper, so no source is available.