In today’s times, more and more people are searching for effective ways to help save the environment. In an effort to go “green”, many people are choosing all-natural products when they shop. “Going green” involves much more than just altering one’s diet or planting plants. If you are looking forward to Top filler injector

It also involves many other products people choose to buy such as cleaning products and even beauty products. Not only does choosing green products help the environment, but it also helps people avoid the often harsh chemicals found in traditional products. This article explains how people can make some homemade beauty recipes in their own homes with products they may already have on hand.

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are extremely popular products used by both men and women, and people can easily make their own homemade beauty recipes, for body scrubs, with ingredients they may already have in their own homes.

What Do You Need

People will need about a cup of coarse brown or white sugar, a few teaspoons of vanilla beans, olive oil or apricot oil and lavender oil to make homemade body scrub. They can, however, substitute a few teaspoons of vanilla extract for vanilla beans.


The first step is to store the sugar and vanilla beans in an airtight container for about one or two weeks to allow the mixture to take on a pleasant fragrance. Next, people should take out the vanilla beans and mix all the remaining ingredients together with the sugar. They should also add about three drops of lavender to maintain the scent of the vanilla. Typically, equal amounts of sugar and olive or apricot oils are best. However, people can vary the recipe to get their individual desired texture.

Facial Scrubs

Homemade facial scrubs and facial masks are also highly popular products among women and even some men, as well. These products can also be easily made at home.

What Do You Need

People will need a small amount of water, lemon juice and yeast to make homemade beauty recipes for facial scrubs and masks.


They will need to mix one package of yeast with about three tablespoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of water. It is that simple. People can then apply this mixture to their faces about every other day to maintain soft and young-looking skin.

Another great way to tighten pores and maintain young-looking skin is to separate the whites from an egg and apply the egg white to the face. Let the egg white dry on the face and rinse it off. This technique is highly effective in minimizing pores.

Facial Moisturizers

Yet another extremely popular beauty product is facial moisturizers. Moisturizers can be easily made at home, as well.

What Do You Need

For homemade beauty recipes for moisturizers, people simply need to place one half of an avocado into a food processor with about three drops of honey.


They should then blend these two ingredients together until the mixture is smooth. Once it is smooth, they can then apply the mixture to their face, leaving it on for about twenty minutes. This mixture can be used on all skin types and is perfect for moisturizing.

Avoid Chemicals and Go Green!

In conclusion, in an effort to help save the environment, many people, today, are choosing all-natural products. Going green involves more than just food products and planting plants. Going green also involves choosing all-natural products such as cleaning products and beauty products. Many beauty products can be easily made at home with products that people may already have in their refrigerators and cupboards. When people choose to make their own beauty products, not only are they helping the environment, but they are avoiding the harsh chemicals that are often found in traditional products, as well.