Do you need fingernail care? Have you been hiding your hands? Follow the simple steps below and you’ll soon have nails you can flaunt.


Nail Care Tips

Natural Fingernail Care

Protect your nails by wearing gloves while doing household chores or gardening.

Massage jojoba or olive oil into nails after your bath or shower. Pay particular attention to cuticles.

File nails in one direction only. A back and forth motion is hard on nails. Use a soft emery board rather than a metal file. Keep brittle nails short until they strengthen.

Apply a moisturizer to hands and nails several times a day, especially after exposure to water.

If you wear nail polish…


Avoid products with formaldehyde, phthalates, or toluene. Use a non-acetone polish remover. Always moisturize after removing polish. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume


Natural Nail Care Treatments

For especially dry nails and hands, try the “white-glove treatment.” Generously apply a thick moisturizer to hands and nails just before bed. I use “Un-Petroleum Jelly” by Alba. This natural alternative to Petroleum Jelly contains no petrolatum. Slip on a pair of white cotton gloves. In the morning, voila… soft, beautiful hands!

Another simple, yet effective treatment is to soak nails in a small dish of warm olive oil. The addition of two tablespoons of lemon juice will lighten stained nails. (Note: if you have small cuts or hangnails, skip the lemon juice. It could burn… ouch!). Soak nails in the olive oil for 15-20 minutes. Do this at least once a week.


Cuticle care is particularly important for the health of your nails and your body. The cuticle forms a seal that protects against fungus and bacteria.


Once a week, after soaking your nails, give your cuticles a little love. Use an orange-wood stick to GENTLY push the cuticle back (never use metal). Move the stick in small circles. Wipe away dead skin with a cotton ball. Finish by applying a moisturizer.


Fingernail care is simple. Moisturize daily, care for cuticles and soak in warm oil weekly, and wear protection… the natural prescription for strong, beautiful nails!


Note: Brittle nails can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as anemia. If your nails do not improve significantly with care, consult your health care provider.