How to earn casino comps


Notice that it doesn’t matter where on the table you stick him, the chances of his next flip being heads is always 1/2. Wherever he is, it doesn’t matter what happened before, his chances on his next toss are always 1 in 2. How could it be otherwise? When you flip a coin you will […]

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

This question appears three times in the New Testament (Acts 2:37; 9:6; 16:31). What does it imply? What does it suggest? (1) It indicates that the questioner is lost. Why ask the question if he is not? (2) “What” implies something. There are terms, conditions, to be met. (3) “Must” contains the force of an […]

Lucky Ace Casino Review

If you are on the lookout for a player-friendly, modern rtp herobola to play some blackjack, Lucky Ace Casino might just be the place for you.. While they are still fairly new to the online gaming circuit, Lucky Ace Casino comes with a lot of power as a member of the industry leading Group, […]

Come Bet – How to Play Craps

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So far we’ve covered the Pass Line and the Odds bets.  There’s one more set of bets you can make that has a low house edge: the Come Bet and the Odds Bet that goes with it. There’s bad news and good news about this bet. The bad news is that it’s a little harder […]

Rules of Keno

In a game of Keno, a person tries to correctly predict a certain amount of numbers pulled from the eighty keno numbers.  The amount of numbers that is needed varies from casino to casino.  Payoffs are also different depending on the casino.  Generally, you can select between one to ten numbers.  The more numbers you […]

National Polls Moving Clinton’s Way with Poll of Polls

Democratic Candidate NC NC NC NC IN IN Pollster IADV Zogby ARG SUSA Zogby ARG Date 5/5 5/4-5 5/2-4 5/2-4 5/4-5 5/2-4 Hillary Clinton 43% 37% 42% 45% 43% 53% Barack Obama 47% 51% 50% 50% 45% 45% Other(vol.) 10% 12% 8% 5% 12% 2% Details Link Link Link Link Link Link   Democratic Candidate […]

Here’s the Latest North Carolina and Indiana Polls

Democratic Candidate NC NC NC Pollster PPP IADV Zogby Date 5/3-4 5/4 5/3-4 Hillary Clinton 43% 45% 40% Barack Obama 53% 48% 48% Other(vol.) 4% 7% 13% Details Link Link Link Democratic Candidate IN IN IN IN Pollster IADV Suffolk Zogby SUSA Date 5/4 5/3-4 5/3-4 5/2-4 Hillary Clinton 48% 49% 42% 54% Barack Obama […]

Exit Polls Show A Split

Barack Obama has done extremely well in North Carolina and will win that state with ease. Clinton should be edging out Obama in Indiana thanks to a 6% lead among women voters. To see the exit polls: Indiana North Carolina Here is what we have learned from these exit polls: Obama dwindled the gender gap […]

Zogby’s Numbers Staying Put

Democratic Candidate NC IN Pollster Zogby Zogby Date 5/2-3 5/2-3 Hillary Clinton 39% 41% Barack Obama 48% 43% Other(vol.) 13% 16% Details Link Link Zogby has the race pegged just as they had it yesterday and similar to how they had it two days ago (all but the margin with which Obama would win NC). […]

Zogby’s Numbers Staying Put

Democratic Candidate NC IN IN OR Pollster Zogby Zogby IADV SUSA Date 5/1-2 5/2 5/1 4/28-30 Barack Obama 46% 43% 40% 50% Hillary Clinton 37% 42% 47% 44% Other(vol.) 17% 15% 13% 6% Details Link Link Link Link The media was very keen on using Zogby’s Pennsylvania poll in their media coverage when they showed […]