Breast augmentation is performed in women who wish to increase the size of their breasts. This can be due to underdevelopment or due to changes that occur with child bearing and age. It may be done as a reconstructive procedure to balance a significant asymmetry. It can be performed using either saline or silicone […]

Kaley Cuoco: I’m Not a Feminist! I’m a Housewife!

  Cue Internet outrage in 3…2…1… Kaley Cuoco covers the new issue of Redbook, where she discusses her career, her marriage, and – somewhat surprisingly – her views on the state of women in America. Asked if she’s a feminist, Kaley replies, “Is it bad if I say no? It’s not really something I think […]

austin Slot Gampang Menang club not going down without a fight

Slot Gampang Menang

  The owner of the APC sent out a message to the membership summarizing what happened last Thursday. It sounds likely that the case is going to go to court, and that they are going to fight in what could become a landmark case. While I continue to be skeptical that the APC will emerge […]

They don’t call it grinding cos it’s easy.

  Sometimes when you’re grinding it out at the cash tables it can seem like an eternity between sanghoki hands, especially with the speed of hands played. It’s as if with the higher hands per hour you feel like you should get an even higher rate of playable hands. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, […]

A Day at the rtp online Races

  Apparently sucking out for 7 straight months catches up with you, and the karma of poker is returning the favor. I don’t mind losing a race here or there, but one too many two rtp online is leaving me discouraged. I know, I know… correct decision. Still doesn’t take the sting away. With that in […]

Guess sbo how big it is?

  It was back in the good ol’ days. The salad years. It was a time before any real life seriousness. It was the time of Melrose Gulfman. Ah, yes, Melrose Gulfman. The G-man (not to be confused with G-Rob) was one of our running sbo buddies for a long time. He was an eclectic guy […]

Poker slothoki Slots

  I sat on stage with a group of guinea pigs. The small-stage-college-crowd hypnotist worked us like a pro. Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was something supernatural, but I found myself slipping into a state of euphoria that made me want to do whatever the guy said. Act like Batman? I’ll act like […]

PokerStars SCOOP 2012 Event 1 Results

The 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker is underway. SCOOP 2012 kicked off yesterday afternoon with two huge events. With so many players entering each event, the tournaments themselves could not be relegated to just one day of play. After a long grind yesterday, the remaining players in each tournament were asked to come back […]

On-Game Poker-Room Leaderboard – Current Leaders April 24th

  It’s time for another weekly installment of the Ongame Leaderboard, as there has been yet another huge week of activity! Without further ado, let’s first take a look back at last week’s leaderboard, before we take a look at this one’s. Rex Cramer: 10654 ToMontana8: 10620 finnrene: 10591 billybillard: 10479 Don Cool: 8287 Kubisch81: […]

Breaking Down 5 Finance Terms That Effect Your Investments

Investing is bound to change the way your money moves. It may be on the upswing or going down the drain. Naturally we don’t want the latter. However unfortunately, the success of your investments may be affected by several factors beyond your control. Today, we’re going to look at five financial terms used in the […]